Tadge Goods Solar Outdoor Patio Deck Lights Review

Tadge Goods Solar Outdoor Patio Deck Lights Review

Ever since everyone has been made aware of global warming and the threats it presents to the world over time, people have become conscious of the way they utilize energy and manage their waste. It may not be true for all people, but a significant number have joined the campaign in helping save the world from inevitable doom.

One of the many ways to do it is by converting into solar lights instead of regular electric bulbs. Aside from reducing your monthly electric bill, you can provide lighting for the dark areas around your house while using a renewable source of energy. It’s actually a win-win for your budget and the environment.

Speaking of solar-powered lights, this technology has only been made available in a residential capacity over the last decade, but there are already hundreds or thousands of available products on the market. With the overwhelming number of options to choose from, it can be hard to pick an ideal one that you can use at home. But there’s no need to worry – there are certain brands that you can trust to deliver in terms of quality and efficiency. One of them is the Solar Outdoor Patio Deck Lights from Tadge Goods.

Key Features of the Tadge Goods Solar Outdoor Patio Deck Lights

Tadge Goods is a brand popular not just for a single product. It has products in several categories, including beauty, kitchen and dining, and home improvement. Their vision is to design and develop innovative products that offer value to their loyal customers at an affordable price. One example of this commitment to quality is the Solar Outdoor Lights.

  • Clear and Crisp LED Lighting with 48 LED bulbs designed for precision clarity
  • Improved Motion Sensors for enhanced home security
  • Superior Wide-Angle 120-degree Coverage for better viewing distance
  • Heavy-duty All-weather Durability to withstand different weather conditions
  • Very Easy and Quick installation without unnecessary wiring
  • Great Battery Life which offers continuous lighting for up to 12 hours


Keep your home exterior as secured and well-illuminated as possible without having to spend a lot of money on the electric bill. With the Solar Outdoor Lights, you can provide bright lighting for your garden, patio, pavements, and driveways using renewable energy.

All you need to do is to arrange the solar lights in strategic positions in such a way that they will get as much solar energy that they can harvest during the daytime – enough energy to fully charge its batteries, allowing it to run for up to 12 hours at night.

There are 48 LED lights included in this wide solar panel, providing bright lights that will add security to your home at night. The good thing about it is that it has an improved motion sensor feature that only activates the lights when someone is within 10-26 feet. Just like other outdoor solar lights, it doesn’t require any wiring so it is a lot easier to setup and install.


The design for the Solar Outdoor Lights is quite innovative and it does add some extra lighting to house exteriors. However, unlike other outdoor solar lights, it is not as bright as you’d expect, considering that it has 48 LED lights. There are other models on the market that provide the same brightness for fewer LED lights.


When it comes to outdoor landscaping and security, nothing does both perfectly like these Solar Outdoor Lights. This outdoor solar light is designed to provide amazing lighting for your home exterior during the night to showcase your well-planned garden landscape and at the same time offer illumination of the patio, lawn, driveway, and other dark areas outside your house without the burden of a huge electric bill at the end of the month. You will be using renewable energy to power the lights, which means you are contributing to a greater cause of saving the environment.


The Solar Outdoor Patio Deck Lights is a popular solar-powered light that is designed for residential purposes. It is one of the noteworthy products from Tadge Goods and it has certainly made a name for itself in the market.

Another product in the market that has the same reputation is the Sunlitec 90 LED Outdoor Motion Sensor Lights. The latter may have double the number of LED lights but the former is cheaper for about the same power and brightness.

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