InnoGear Solar Lights 30 LED Wall Light Review

InnoGear Solar Lights 30 LED Wall Light Review

Homeowners usually hold lots of cookouts, barbecues, and parties outside their homes over the course of the summer. To provide excellent ambiance on these gatherings, the right outdoor lighting system is required. Electric lights are an option but they can be expensive, leading to a magnified energy bill.

If you want a more affordable alternative to those lights, why not make use of solar lighting? It comes in a good range of colors and styles and has lots more benefits compared to electric lights. One example of this is InnoGear Solar Lights 30 LED Wall Light Outdoor Security Lighting.

Features of the InnoGear Solar Lights 30 LED Wall Light

  • Includes 30 very bright LEDs producing 450 lumens
  • Comes with rechargeable 18650 lithium battery (2200mAh)
  • Has 3 Smart energy-saving modes
  • Comes with motion sensor PIR detector, detecting individuals up to 26 ft. within 120 degree angles
  • Heatproof and has waterproof rating of IP65 so it can tolerate extreme weather conditions
  • Can be installed easily and comes with 2 keyholes in the rear  to be hung on screws


One of the primary advantages of solar lights is that they do not need any outlets in order to turn them on. Solar security lights like this InnoGear LED Wall Light make use of sunlight to function. Lots of solar lights absorb and store sufficient amounts of sunlight through the day in order to offer lighting for several hours. The number of hours will depend on the weather conditions and solar panel positioning, though.

Lights like this model can be installed anywhere without dealing with nearby electrical sockets, making them a great option for outdoor lighting. Another great benefit of the unit is that it will continue to function even during power outages. This means you will get enough lighting for the outdoor portion of your home. Solar lights will also help you save on energy bills. They are more affordable compared to electrical units and they are often easier to use. Hence you won’t have to pay for costly professional fees for the installation.

Many opt for solar lights these days because they are a great way for homeowners to decrease your carbon footprint. The lights recharge themselves over the course of the day and function by means of that stored energy. Homeowners can make use of the lights even at night without a boost in energy usage.

Solar lights are also safer compared to electric ones since there is no need for wiring. No presence of cables means this is a great option for temporary lighting fixtures at cookouts and parties in the summer where people and children may otherwise trip over exposed wiring coming from electrical fixtures.

Also, if homeowners tend to travel a lot, electric lights need to be turned off whenever they are away, thus the area is left dark. This might give an opportunity for vandals or robbers to break in. A good security solar light like this particular InnoGear product is what you need if safety and security are your top priority.

The InnoGear Solar Lights 30 LED Wall Light gives very bright light due to the fact that they serve as security lights. You can mount them outside the house in sports where you want extra security. The whole unit comes in a great package plus it includes an instruction manual and USB cable for every light.

The unit has 3 lighting modes: A gives frequent bright light once dusk hits, B gets dim whenever evening comes around but gets bright whenever it perceives movement, and C gives off bright light whenever it senses movement but otherwise stays off.

This unit can light a specific area very well, which makes them great security lights for your home. The unit requires simple installment procedures and it can gather lots of sunlight during the daytime as well. This is a worthy investment in case you want functional security lights for your home.


Before installing the product, you have to check if the wall light has defects. If it does display some defects, it is proper that you get in touch with the company’s customer service representatives. Their reps are always glad to take care of your inquiries and they will provide solutions the soonest time possible.

Aside from the occasional manufacturer defects, there isn’t anything negative to say about this InnoGear wall light.


The InnoGear Solar Lights 30 LED Wall Light is definitely something worth checking out. Security lights are a helpful type of lighting system for your home if you want more safety. It can light up areas excellently and basically did its job very well when it comes to illumination. Furthermore, it can take in sufficient sunlight, allowing it to operate for a good period of time.

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