How to Make Garden Solar Lights

How to Make Garden Solar Lights

The threats that global warming bring has prompted the need to look for renewable sources of energy. Every day, the world is running out of coal and oil, and the environment is already in very bad shape as it is.

Fortunately, scientists have developed technology that allows direct conversion of solar energy into electrical energy, which can be an alternative to fuel. The concept of using the sun’s power and converting it into electricity has existed for over a century but the devices that can be used in a residential scale haven’t been made available until the last few decades.

Why use solar-powered lights? One of the obvious reasons of taking advantage of sun’s power to run basic appliances at home is the fact that solar energy is readily available – well, that’s during the day, of course. The important thing, though, is that it is for free and it is renewable. The sun isn’t likely to stop burning in the near future.

You can strategically position your solar lights such that they can harness as much solar energy as they can and store enough energy to be used during the night, or when it’s necessary. And its use is not just limited to lighting bulbs at night without using electricity.

Some homeowners actually install solar panels on their roofs to collect as much light as possible. The converted energy is then used to heat showers and power other appliances at home.

Solar lights aren’t just about having an alternative source of energy. They also have other benefits that you will surely appreciate. For example, you can install garden solar lights to provide lighting for your home exterior at night. Not only is it an added security feature that will reduce the risk of burglaries in your home, it also allows you to display the beautiful landscape of your garden that you spent a lot of time to achieve.

Shifting to solar lights really is a practical decision that will not just help the environment but your budget as well. And solar light prices are not that much of an issue as well. There are many products on the market but you can find ones that perform decently for a very reasonable price.

If you got a lot of leisure time and you’re not sure how you’d like to spend it, you might want to take on a little science project that can teach you how to make garden solar lights. There are lots of cool do-it-yourself videos available on the internet that will guide you in making solar lights. If that’s a little too technical for you, you can start with just customizing a cheap solar light that you can buy in any store.

DIY: How to Make Garden Solar Lights

If you have an old lamp that’s just lying around at home, you can totally upcycle it into a cordless garden lighting. It can look like regular decorative lighting during the day and an even better lamp at night powered by the fully-charged solar battery.

Here is what you are going to need:

How to make your DIY Garden Solar Light

  1. Take your old lamp and cut the cord from it. Then remove the socket and the wiring.
  2. Spray paint the lamp or decorate it with fun shapes.
  3. Take the spike from the solar light and then activate the solar panel as instructed.
  4. Attach the garden light into the base of the spider ring using the glue or epoxy. Also, attach the lamp shade to the top of the solar light. Make sure you do not block or cover the charging panel. While it may still charge despite being covered partially, you cannot make use of its full potential if you don’t expose the charging panel directly to the sun.

And there you have it. With these four simple and straightforward steps, you can redecorate your solar-powered garden light and make it an even more beautiful addition to your garden decorations. If you’re having trouble following the instructions listed above, you can always look for DIY videos on the internet. You may come across some videos that will teach even more interesting designs.

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