How to Clean Outdoor Solar Lights

How to Clean Outdoor Solar Lights

Keeping a space well-lit is nothing but beneficial to all of us especially when it comes to outdoors. When it comes to choosing the perfect outdoor lights to use, select one that does not require a lot of maintenance and will not increase your electric bill just like solar lights.

Outdoor Solar Lights

Using solar lights to light up your garden or yard is a great way to take advantage of the natural light coming from the sun. Solar lights works by converting sunlight into electricity. They are very easy to install as it does not require a lot of wiring and it is almost maintenance-free, you only need to place it in an area where it is sunny. The best part about using solar lights is that it will not increase your electric bill.

When you use solar lights outdoors, you will notice that it tends to acquire a lot of dirt. This is no brainer since outdoor lights gets exposed to a lot of dust, dirt, and different types of weather like snow and rain. It is important that you get to clean them regularly so that its ability to receive sunlight will not be reduced.

If a solar light accumulates too much dirt, the light illuminating from it may not become that visible anymore. Cleaning your solar lights regularly will also make it last even longer and will make you avoid replacing them sooner than needed.

Cleaning Outdoor Solar Lights

When it comes to cleaning your outdoor solar lights, you must take note of the 3 main parts it has: the solar panel, light cover, and batteries. These 3 parts are the ones that requires regular cleaning if you want your solar lights to last for a very long time. Here are detailed steps on how to properly clean outdoor solar lights.

  • Disassemble

The way to disassemble your lights will depend on what type you have. If you are not entirely sure on how to do it, or it seems a little complicated for you, you may want to take a hold of its instruction manual. Remove the three main parts that needs to be cleaned: solar panel, batteries, and light cover. Don’t forget to be careful when removing the light as well. Like any other light bulb, the ones that comes with a solar light are very fragile.

  • Clean the solar panel

A light’s solar panel can be found on the top part of a solar light. It usually has a protective plastic on top which gets cloudy over time. When this happens, the solar panel’s ability to receive sunlight will be reduced. There is also a chance for the solar panel to stop working completely. Cleaning is solar panel is fairly easy and does not require any fancy tool. All you need is a slightly damp paper towel and a little bit of dishwashing soap. Just with these two materials, you will be able to remove any sort of cloudiness on your solar panel.

  • Clean the light cover

Cleaning the light cover will essentially make the light become more visible. Light covers tend to collect the most debris since it is the biggest part of a solar light. To clean a light cover, which are usually made from plastic or glass, take a damp cloth or paper towel and simply wipe the dust and dirt away.

  • Clean the batteries

Aside from the solar panels, the batteries are responsible for giving energy for the solar lights to light up. As we all know, when batteries are left for a long time, there is a tendency for it to collect moisture which can thoroughly damage them especially when the temperature is hot and humid. You may be able to see white powder or what they call battery corrosion on the metal surface of a battery. To remove this, you would need a brush. You can use absolutely any type of brush as long as you are comfortable with it. If the corrosion is hard to remove, you may need to use sand paper instead. Make sure to clean the housing for the battery as well and keep it completely dry.

  • Reassemble all the parts

Before you reassemble all of the parts, make sure that each one is completely dry. If not, moisture that will remain can damage your solar lights. If you are not completely aware on how to put your solar lights back together, or if you’ve forgotten how, just refer to the instruction manual that it comes with or find a guide online.

Things to remember

Sometimes, it takes a lot more than cleaning for a solar light to function well. There will be instances wherein you need to do further steps to ensure that your solar lights are performing its best. Here are some things to take note of:

  • Have the batteries replaced if the solar light is not opening no matter what
  • Despite being weatherproof, make sure to check your solar lights after every rain or storm to make sure no water went inside the lights
  • Make sure to place your solar lights away from street lights or other artificial lights as this can damage the solar panel’s sensitivity
  • If you wish to store your lights inside, make sure to place it in an area where it can still collect sunlight


As time passes, the amount of our bills keeps on increasing especially our electricity bills. Most people have embraced the use of solar lights to light up their gardens, patios, and pathways. Using solar lights can save you a lot of time and effort, money, and can help you save the environment as well.

Since solar lights are outside and gets exposed to harsh weather, it tends to accumulate dirt and debris easily. Getting it too dirty will ultimately damage your solar lights and reduce its lifespan. Make sure that you clean your solar lights regularly and keep them dry at all times.

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