Best Solar String Lights: Energy-Efficient Indoor and Outdoor Decorations

Best Solar String Lights

String lights have been a decorative item for restaurants, hotels, festivals, and even for houses and buildings for a very long time. However, as the world becomes more conscious of the environment, people are opting to go for solar-powered lights.

Luckily, with technological advancement, we can already find some of the best solar string lights. Of course, they are brighter and more energy efficient than the traditional versions. Interestingly, for them to work, they are attached to a solar panel and no batteries or plugs are involved.

When it comes to choosing which string light to get, you have to consider several basic factors. For one, what you mostly want is something that has the right length as well as a product that has the correct number of lights.

Best Solar String Lights for Indoor and Outdoor Decors

A string light that has very long strings with not enough LEDs will just look sloppy. Likewise, since they are solar powered, you should see how long it takes for them to charge and how they stay on in the night. Note that actual light hours often vary, so it is best to go for the ones that last longer.

Apart from the factors mentioned above, you still have to deal with other features that will work best for your needs and wants. Truly, browsing through brands and models of solar-powered string lights will be a tedious task.

Hence, if you wish to put lights on permanently or are looking to decorate a venue for a party or event, we have reviewed three brands of string lights for you.

AMIR Solar Powered LED String Lights

This 33-feet long string light product is equipped with 100 LED lights which allows you to use it for several purposes like decorating your patio, gate or yard. Its glows has a 360 degrees angle which makes it capable of providing consistent illumination in every direction.

The whole string is high-quality made from thin but flexible copper wires that can last long. Likewise, both the string and LED lights are labeled as IP66 waterproof and have a combined weight of less than 10 pounds.

In addition, you can choose to put AMIR Solar Powered LED String Lights in steady-on mode or flashing mode. As if being powered by solar energy was not enough, they have incorporated an auto-on at dusk and auto-off at day feature.


  • Long and lightweight
  • No heating issues
  • No need to rush to take them off when it starts to rain.
  • High-quality and flexible wires
  • Looks beautiful in any space
  • Illuminates wide areas
  • Very affordable
  • One-year guarantee
  •  You can hang them in any way you like and twist and turn according to your needs.
  • No longer need to switch it on and off
  • Light effects can be enhanced by turning the flashing mode on


  • May take full day to charge
  • Fewer light hours in winters

Sunlitec Solar String Lights

The Sunlitec Solar Sting Lights is equipped with 100 LED small lights that produce a warm white glow in every direction. The length of the string is 36 feet which should be ample to cover most spaces and provide much brightness which is further enhanced since there are two strings in the pack. To add more, there is only four inches space between the lights, so they are quite close to each other.

The copper wire used in this product is flexible so that it can be wound around in any shape or manner. It is also wholly insulated that will ensure that there is no heating issue. On another note, the solar panel attached to the string takes about five hours to charge fully.

After which, the lights can stay on for up to 15 hours. This makes it the best solar string lights in terms of charge duration. The product is backed by a 12-month warranty, so should you find any fault or light stops working, you can get a replacement.


  • Very lengthy string
  • Waterproof
  • Lightweight
  • Takes only a few hours to charge
  • Flexible string with copper wiring
  • One-year warranty
  • High level of brightness
  • A stake is provided for ground installations or storage


  • It needs to be recharged after 15 hours.
  • Maybe destroyed when overly bent and extended

CMYK Globe String Lights

These solar-powered fairy lights from CMYK have beautiful crystal balls with very warm-looking white light. This is perfect for hanging indoors as decorations or for outdoors in the deck. The total length of the string is 20 feet, and there are 30 one-inch diameter crystal balls which automatically turn on when its dark.

The CMYK Globe String Lightsis 1P44 waterproof and can be kept steadily on or put in flash mode. It has a lead cable that is made of a quality material, so you can expect it to last long. Likewise, it comes with a user manual to help you hang and maintain it properly.


  • Low heat is emitted making it possible to touch the lights without hassles
  • Looks very soft, warm, and elegant
  • High-quality wires and lights
  • Charges in just six or eight hours
  • High-tech, energy efficient LEDs
  • Two light display modes
  • Still functional even when exposed to light rain and water spills


  • Last for about eight hours
  • May get damaged by heavy rain
  • Crystal balls are made of plastic

Best Solar String Lights: The Conclusion

All three of the products mentioned above are essentially energy efficient as they are powered solely by solar panels. They are also great decorations for your home and during events as their lights can light in a steady or flashing mode. Likewise, they are also capable of illuminating large areas which is advantageous since you no longer have to buy multiple numbers of lights.

Although they are all waterproof and can be used outdoors, if you intend to put string lights as regular items in your pathway, patio, deck, or backyard, the ones from AMIR and Sunlitec are better options since the CMYK product can only tolerate drizzles.

Nonetheless, it is a perfect choice for decorating your windows as it is only 20 feet in length. Also, together with the one from Sunlitec, it is also great for those of you who leave in areas where sunlight is not very common since it can be charged quickly.

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